Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Frank Cooper's Vintage 'Oxford' Marmalade

'Behind every great man is a great woman' and Frank Cooper was no exception. His wife, Sarah Jane Cooper, made the first batch of Cooper's marmalade in her High Street kitchen in 1874. She was the first in Oxford to bottle and market her homemade marmalade commercially and 'Cooper's Marmalade' debuted in the family owned grocery store (on High Street) with great success. 

A favourite amongst Oxford University's dons and undergrads, Cooper’s Oxford Marmalade became an essential part of college breakfasts and demand followed Oxford men far and wide - Even the Queen is said to enjoy Frank Cooper's at breakfast! (The company holds a Royal Warrant).

Fancy Facts 
1 Did you know that a  jar of Frank Cooper's marmalade went all the way to Antarctica with Captain Robert Falcon Scott? It was found, many years later, buried in the ice! 2 A jar of Frank Cooper's marmalade can be seen down the rabbit hole in the original 'Illustrated Alice in Wonderland.' 3 The Jam Factory, on Park End Street, (Frank Cooper's original marmalade factory) is now home to an uber-cool restaurant, gallery and bar. 4 There's an 'Oxfordshire Blue Plaque' at 83 High Street, commemorating Sarah Cooper's achievements. 

Frank Cooper's Marmalade is now owned by Premier Foods and continues to be sold to this day.

I'd LOVE to hear from anyone who's tried it. Personally, Vegemite's my favourite. 
What's your favourite spread?

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Anonymous said...

Great post, but for me, nothing beats a full English fry up.

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